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Laser Tattoo Removal

We offer the Cutera Enlighten III laser system for tattoo removal. Schedule in Orlando, Florida.

  • 30 minutes
  • From $125
  • Beach Medical Orlando Location

Service Description

Tattoos Can Now Be A Part Of The Past! Tattoos are a great way to express yourself and your interests, but what if you no longer want a reminder of a particular time in your life? Thankfully with the advancement of technology and the aesthetic world, we can now remove tattoos permanently with the help of PICO Genesis™ FX and enlighten®! Connect with our Beach Aesthetics team today to learn more about tattoo removal. Life changes and evolves, and so do your tattoos. If you are ready to explore tattoo removal, our friendly, highly trained team at Beach Aesthetics is here to help. We use PICO laser technology that is fast, safe for more skin types, and highly effective on all types of tattoos with fewer treatments. How Does The Tattoo Removal Process Work? To understand how tattoo removal works, you must also understand how getting a tattoo works. Once tattoo ink is in your skin, your body’s immune system sends white blood cells to the area to pull out as many ink particles as possible. Larger particles that the cells could not break down are left behind, leaving the tattoo design. Over time, those cells break down the larger particles causing natural fading. PICO Genesis™ laser technology works by breaking apart those more extensive ink particles layer by layer. The number of sessions to remove a tattoo depends on the type of ink used, the depth of ink placement, the amount of ink used, and the patient. We usually suggest starting with 6-8 treatment sessions. Connect with us for a consultation to discuss more. The Results Of Tattoo Removal Our PICO Genesis™ system works quickly and efficiently. Most of our clients see permanent removal of their unwanted tattoos in about eight sessions or less. After your removal session, we recommend taking it easy and icing the area on and off for 10-minute intervals for the rest of the day. The only significant side effect is that your skin will feel like you have sustained a sunburn until it is done healing. Tattoo Removal in Orlando Are you struggling with unwanted tattoos and ready for a solution? Our PICO Genesis™ treatments may be just the thing you’re looking for! Pricing Single Treatment X-Small $125 Small $175 Medium $245 Large $295 X-Large $395 XX-Large $495

Contact Details

  • 401 N Mills Ave suite a, Orlando, FL, USA

    (407) 455-0073

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